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The CD costs $20 CDN ($18 USD) plus S&H and includes a Hard Case and a Beautifully Informative Sleeve.

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This review appeared in The Mindfulness Bell, Issue 41, Winter 2005 — 2006:

"The guided meditations and chants offered in this wonderful CD come from the weekly practice at Pine Gate Mindfulness Community in Ottawa, Canada. The hour long CD contains two chants, performed by Carolyn Hill and four guided meditations offered by Dharmacharya Ian Prattis, the resident teacher at Pine Gate. The chants are the evening chant and the incense offering from the Plum Village text: "Chanting from the Heart."

The guided meditations are each from twelve to fifteen minutes in length, making them a very useful way to enjoy an extended meditation in a solitary or in a Sangha context. There is a meditation of the Four Brahmaviharas – the Buddha's Teachings on Love, one on the Five Remembrances, an Earth Meditation to help us be in touch with our connection to Mother Earth, and a SO-HUM healing meditation that comes from Ian's practice in India. Ian's soothing voice and the gentle background sounds of running water help to bring the hearers into a state of calmness and centredness. Taken as a whole the CD offers a dharma talk based on the teachings of the Buddha.

Though the presentation on Pine Gate Meditations is rooted in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh's practice, it also offers new ways of exploring our spiritual connectedness. Ian encourages us to be creative in our use of these chants and meditations, and invites us to share them with family and friends."

        Barbara Casey, Editor of Mindfulness Bell